The Wife's Guide to Successful Stocking Stuffers

Part two of this years gifts guide are all about the best stocking stuffers for the men in your life. Whether its your husband, you're significant other, dad, father in law, brother/brother in law, etc, I'm hoping this guide makes shopping for their stocking stuffers just a little bit easier this holiday season. Similar to The Husbands Guide, my goal here is to not only give you ideas and considerations of what to shop but also to give you suggestions with value...things the guys in our life might actually use and enjoy!

{For Starters:} (just a few questions + prompts to get you started)

  1. What are his hobbies? What does he enjoy doing in his free time?

  2. What things does he need that he's not likely to buy for himself?

  3. Has he mentioned anything lately that he wants?

What are his hobbies:

Does he fish?

  • Do you know what he fishes for? Consider some new lures, a new spool of fishing line, or new bait

  • If you're not confident enough to pick out fishing accessories on your own, consider a monthly tackle box subscription!

  • Try a gift card to his favorite outdoor store. Wanting to make it a little more festive? Tie a fishing themed ornament

  • Could he use new fishing scissors or a neck gaiter?

Does he hunt?

  • Could he use new socks for hunting?

  • Maybe a new beanie/stocking cap?

  • How about hand warmers? They make great stocking stuffers!

  • Last year I found these flashlights shaped like a gun shell and got one for my husband, dad, and brother...they all loved it!

Does he golf?

  • New golf balls are always a good options

  • Every golfers can always use new tees

  • How about a fun or funny towel for him to put on his golf bag? Or maybe even get one embroidered for a personal touch

  • My husband goes through his golf gloves very quickly so I always to to buy him a new one...you can almost always find a great black Friday deal for golf gloves

  • A club head brush for his golf bag

Does he love to cook, BBQ, or smoke meat?

  • Get him some new grilling spices or BBQ sauce to try in his next recipe

  • Maybe some new grilling accessories?

  • How about a new cook book?

  • Could he use a digital thermometer?

  • As a fellow cook, I love receiving new kitchen gadgets that I might not have bought myself!

Is he an outdoorsman?

  • Could he use new hiking socks?

  • Maybe a new water bottle or canteen?

  • Consider a hiking/camping emergency kit

  • Maybe a fire starter

Is he a coach?

  • Get him some lineup cards from any sporting goods store

  • A new whistle

  • Travel sized sunscreen and/or bug spray

  • A durable water bottle for him to have in the dugout/on the sideline

  • Sunflower seeds

What are his likes/interests?

  • Cigars

  • Reading

  • Card games

  • Card collecting

  • Does he have a favorite condiment he can't live without?

  • Scratchers

  • Sports cards

  • A favorite movie

What does he always need? (But wouldn't buy himself)

  • Undies

  • Socks

  • Hair gel/styling wax

  • Beard oil/soap

  • Cologne (mini's or samples are perfect for stockings)

For any of you out there still needing some stocking stuffer ideas for the men in your life, I sincerely hope that this guide gives you some great ideas or at the very least gets you started! Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season!!

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