The Husbands Guide to Successful Stocking Stuffers

If you've spent ANY time at all on social media the past two weeks then you have probably noticed that it's that time of year again: gift guide season is in full swing! As much as I love a good gift guide, I personally think that the absolute hardest thing to shop for, and the one thing you won't find many guides for are stocking stuffers...we're not talking the junk that "accidentally" makes it into the wrapping paper trash bag y'all. If we're spending the time and money on fun gifties to stuff into your loved ones stocking (one of my absolute favorite ways to give gifts for Christmas), then why not make them equally as creative and thoughtful as any other gift!?

This year I set out to put together a comprehensive guide to successful stocking stuffers for and this one is for all the fellas out there who have NO idea what even constitutes as a stocking stuffer or where to start. Think of this as your crash course in successful stocking stuffers for the women in your life! And for all my gals out there, you have my FULL permission to send this guide to your significant other/family/friends, whoever you're exchanging or participating in stockings with to help guide them...nothing wrong with a little nudge in the right direction. {wink wink}

{For Starters:} (just a few questions + prompts to get you started)

  1. Has she mentioned anything small she's looked into buying for herself? (pro tip: if we mention something out loud to you, we are most likely trying to give you hints...if we need it right away, we'll just go and get it without saying a word)

  2. What accessories does she wear often?

  3. Take inventory of the items/products she uses daily...specifically the things that are running out.

  4. What activities does she enjoy doing in her free time?

Stocking approved accessories: (be sure to take note; does she wear rings? does she frequently change earrings? have you ever seen her wear the item you're about to buy?)

  • New earrings: if you don't know what you're looking for, snap a pic of her jewelry tray/stand/box and take it with you to the store. Sales associates live to help in situations like this!

  • Simple gold necklace or signet ring featuring something sentimental to her: her favorite flower, her initial(s), the kids names, your anniversary, something just between the two of you

  • Classic winter gloves: for all my fellow gals that live anywhere that gets snow, we can never find our gloves when needed. Having a back up pair is SO handy!

  • Hair accessories: is she always looking for a hair tie? Does she wear headbands frequently? How about hair clips? This is your chance to pick something out that you think she'd look great in but still considers her personal taste.

Daily use items (she can probably use a refill on):

  • Check her makeup bag, if an item is nearly empty, it most likely means it's part of her everyday beauty routine (don't forget to take pictures and note the color- usually on the bottom)

  • Is her favorite perfume running low? Most women take a good deal of time figuring out their favorite scents. They are meticulously chosen and getting to the end of that bottle is crushing...if you're unsure or if budget is tight, you can always get some samples of her favorites at most department stores. Nordstrom in particular will make you a sample of any fragrance they have on the floor.

  • Does she have a favorite item that's on it's last leg? An eye mask perhaps, a silk pillowcase, cozy socks, fuzzy slippers? All perfect options!

What activities does she enjoy:


  • Giftcards/gift certifcates! I promise, it's not impersonal, it's thoughtful. It's your way of telling her to go treat herself! I've never known anyone to turn down a paid for massage, pedicure/manicure, facial, or spa day...

  • Does she like farmers markets? A reusable tote bag is a great idea!

  • Pay for a babysitter or take the kiddos for a day so she can go do whatever she needs/wants to do without interruption


  • I've been loving the fun needlepoint kits

  • Similar to above, the paint by number kits look like a great stress relieving task

  • Adult coloring books/a new sketch pad for the gal who likes to draw

  • Does she knit or crotchet? A new instructional book, new needles, or yarn are all thoughtful!

Sports/Physical Activities:

  • Does she coach a team? Maybe a new whistle!

  • Is she a golfer? Every golfer can always use new tees or a new sleeve of golf balls

  • Is she active? Consider new headphones, a carrying case for headphones, a new water bottle, athletic/leisure shorts

  • Does she enjoy hiking or adventuring outdoors? Try some reusable snack bags for the girl on the go!


  • Has she mentioned any books she's wanting to read? (Reese Witherspoon's book club list is a great place to start for the avid reader)

  • Is she always taking pictures? How about a wireless remote for her phone camera!

  • Personalized notepad for her desk

  • Tech cord wraps/organizers

  • A rechargeable lighter for all the candles (we both know she has more than she can count)

Lastly, don't forget the fun items that everyone enjoys:

  • Her favorite candy

  • A new thermos or tumbler

  • Chapstick

  • Her favorite snacks

  • A new tea or coffee for her to try

  • A game

  • Something funny that only they could appreciate (for me it might be funny bandaids, an inside joke ornament, a dog treat selfie clip, or a mini jar of lemon curd or honey)

That's it! You've reached the end of the list and my sincere hope this holiday season is that I've helped remove the stress of stocking stuffers or gift giving in general and helped to make it a little more personal and fun for all! Happy Holidays!!

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