Silk Scarf Styling 101

Every couple of years silk scarves come back into the fold of the fashion world but what many may not know is that silk scarves have been circulating since Hermes designed the first ready-to-wear graphic silk scarf in 1837. That's close to 200 years of fashionable moments and a long way from just a "trending" accessory. I have been a lover of silk scarves for a long time...my Nana loved them {my most cherished scarf was hers} and as an admirer of old Hollywood movies, I live for a headscarf and sunglasses moment in the front seat of a classic convertible (still waiting for my own chance at such a shot lol). I've seen them styled a million different ways, framed as the art that they very much are, and from time to time incorporated into the stylish guy or girls wardrobe. What I don't get though, is how many people think that they lack the ability to style one of these beautiful accessories for themselves. For an item that comes in every print, color-way, and size imaginable, I can't seem to understand how that is but then it dawned on me, maybe it's not the item itself, maybe it's the lack of knowledge on how to style it. So I thought it would be fun to take a quick walk down the Funny Little Fairytale memory lane to share a number of ways that I style my myriad of scarves in the hopes that it inspires you to give them a try for yourself! I'm sharing 7 classic and simple ways to style a silk scarf this fall and winter season. Shop some of my favorite silk scarfs currently available below:

Sarah Flint:



Loose Double Knot: (fold in half to create triangle, roll/fold the scarf from the point to widest part, bring ends around the neck and forward, tie double knot)

Handkerchief Style: (fold in half, wrap twice round the neck tying the ends together in front, pull the triangle over the tie)

Knotted Kerchief: (tie the handkerchief style but leave the knot over the kerchief bit)

Around The Neck: (works best with XL scarves. fold into triangle- point to point, roll into tube, drape around the neck for casual styling)

Hair Scarf: (roll scarf into a tube and tie around a pony)

Head Scarf: (can be done with medium or large scarf. Fold into a triangle, pulling ends down towards chin, cross at the neck then tie the ends at the back of the neck. If using a large scarf, you can just wrap the ends around like a traditional scarf)

Tied To Your Handbag: (my favorite quick way to style silk scarves; you can do just a simple double knot or wrap the handle for a pop of color and print)

I'd love to see or hear if this has made you want to try styling a silk scarf for yourself or if you have one, how you like to style it best!

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