{DIY: Backyard Edition} Washers Boxes & Game

If quarantine life has taught me anything, it's that your home really should be your oasis, a place to escape and most importantly a place you enjoy. A few weeks ago, B & I started brainstorming new ideas and activities we could do while under the shelter in place order. We typically make a trip back to Brad's hometown in Wisconsin at least once every summer and the one game that nearly everyone has is washers. For those that might not be familiar, it's very close to corn hole/bags...teams of two take turns tossing washers towards the box for points. Inside the box is 3 points, inside the PVC is 5 points, and anything within 6 inches of the box itself is 1 point. First team/person to 21 wins! It a super fun and easy lawn game that can be played with 2-4 people and it was the perfect weekend project for us to complete! Below I'm breaking down everything you'll need to make your own set for some great yard-game fun!!

What you'll need:

(2) 2"x6" boards cut into 4 pieces each - in total you should have four 16" pieces and four 13" pieces

A box of 1 5/8" trim screws

A box of 3" deck screws

(2) 16"x16" squares of plywood

(2) 5" long 4.5" diameter PVC pieces

A tape measure

A level

An electric drill

Gorilla Glue

(8) 4" washers

2 cans of different colored spray paint

Before you begin...

  • If you do not have a power saw to cut the wood at home, the hardware store should be able to make cuts for you. I've had them do this in the past without issues.

  • Use a drill bit to pre-drill the holes for each screw to avoid splitting the wood.

  • Consider spraying on side of your washers before starting on the boxes, this way you should be able to paint the second side but the time you finish

Let's get building:

  1. Spray paint one side of the washers. 4 in each color.

  2. You'll start by assembling the frames for each box. Using the decking screws, attach one 16" piece to a 13" piece (this should result in an L shape). Utilize a level if you have one during assembly to ensure your boxes will sit flat on the ground.

  3. On the other end of the attached 13" piece, attach the second 16" piece.

  4. Lastly attach the second 13" piece to the open end of the box to complete the fourth side.

  5. Repeat steps 1-3 to assemble the second box.

  6. Next, using a tape measure or yardstick, find the center of the plywood squares. You can do this by marking 8" from the top and 8" from the side and repeating on the other side...this will mark true center.

  7. Using one of the PVC pieces, place the tube around the center mark and trace the circumference on the plywood. (You may have to cut the PVC to size). Put PVC to the side.

  8. Grab one box frame and one piece of plywood. Be sure the the PVC tracing is face up inside the box. Using the trim screws, attach the plywood to the bottom of the box frame. We used 2 screw per side for a total of 8 screws to attach the base. Repeat to assemble second box.

  9. Flip over each box. One at a time, apply gorilla glue to one end of the PVC pipe. Press firmly onto plywood on the mark you previously traced and hold firmly for at least a minute. Repeat for in the second box. Let dry overnight.

  10. Flip and spray paint the other side of the washers and let dry overnight with the boxes.

We have loved having this game to play in our yard and even Oakley, our black lab pup has loved chasing down and occasionally steeling the washers. We know we'll be playing this all summer long and can't wait to have friends over to play with!

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