A Brand to Love: Sarah Flint

When I was planning my wedding (and even before I was engaged) I always hoped to spring for some really exquisite designer shoes for my big day. The dress you may only wear once but the shoes you can wear long after you say "I Do!" I longed for one particular designer pair...with the stunning lines and that coveted red sole, I knew exactly which ones I wanted and I thought "I'll have them forever" so, during a trip to Dallas, a friend of mine took me to one of this particular designers storefronts so that I could finally try them on. I found the ones I loved, asked the sales associate to grab them in my size, and when I finally slipped my foot into this shoes I'd been dreaming about for YEARS....OUCH was my first and only thought. As women we know that new shoes, especially well made new shoes usually come a little snug right out of the box so I thought to myself "let me walk around, get used to them" but the more I walked the more I couldn't wrap my head around how anyone would sign up for this foot torture (and I have pretty small marrow feet to begin with), especially for $600!!! I kindly thanked the sales associated and high tailed it out of there crushed that my once dream shoe was more of a real life blister nightmare waiting to happen...definitely not ideal for wedding day bliss. I ended up getting married in a gorgeous pari of heels that felt couture but for a quarter of the price tag and I thought I was done with designer shoes for a while. If I didn't buy them for an occasion like my wedding, when else would I justify spending that much on a shoe?

Then about a year ago I started taking notice of a particular designer I was seeing on some of my favorite accounts to follow for fashion inspiration. I immediately noted the gorgeous craftsmanship and acute attention to detail on these shoes that were very much a modern play on timeless silhouettes. Sarah Flint was a designer I'd never heard of but immediately was drawn to, you might even call it shoe love at first sight. The shoe in particular that caught my eye was a stunning classic pointed toe flat with the sweetest bow detail called the Natalie. Fast forward that year of following and coveting the incredible creations of Sarah's and I was given the pleasure to work with this brand I'd come to know. Turns out, those details I first fell in love with are so much more. Sure, Sarah Flint shoes are absolutely an investment, as any designer shoes are but unlike other designers that prioritize style and detail over comfort and practicality, Sarah has taken the time and dedication to ensure her creations are not only gorgeous but comfortable as well. The Sarah Flint team cares just as much about the person wearing their products as they do about the products themselves. Handcrafted in Italy in the same factories as the top leading designer shoes on the market, Sarah used her incredible knowledge of shoe design and creation to created shoes that have a wider toe box, arch support, and extra padding throughout her designs without sacrificing any of the elegance and luxury you'd expect from a designer shoe. And the best part, she offers her shoes at wholesale price to make them more attainable for the masses. You may have heard me talk in the past about things worth splurging on. My philosophy has always been this: invest in things that you'll have forever, that will only get better with age, and you'll never regret having made the investment up front. That is absolutely how I feel about Sarah Flint shoes after having received my own Natalie flats to style. For me, at 5'8" flats are my go to shoe of choice and in my mind they are the MOST versatile shoe but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I've already got my sights set on a pair of SF heels or boots next.

For those who are looking to invest in an expertly made pair of stunning shoes, I thought I'd show you a few recent looks I created to pair with my Natalie's. If you ever have any questions at all about Sarah Flint shoes, I'd love to chat AND as a Sarah Flint ambassador, with code SARAHFLINT-BALEXIB I'm so thrilled to get to offer all of my readers $50 off their first pair!!!

Blazer: Mango, Jeans: H&M (old), Scarf: bought in Italy

Hat: Etsy, Dress: LAKE, Cardigan: Mango

Pants: ZARA (old), Sweater: Chicwish, Bag: local boutique, Blazer: Target (old), Scarf: local boutique

Sweatshirt: Madewell, Jeans: H&M (old)

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