10 Free Date Night Ideas

We're officially halfway through No Spend January and I am REALLY noticing a difference in my account and my overall habits just after the past 15 days! Someone asked how we handle date nights during no spend months and so I thought I would put together a list of free date ideas for any of you who are currently participating in a no spend month and for those of you who want to do one in the future.

As I've said before, the whole point of no spend months is to limit your personal spending habits and cut down the frivolous spending so many of us are guilty of! If date nights isn't an area that you want to limit that's perfectly fine...if you're looking to make big cuts to amplify your savings for the month just remember free doesn't have to mean boring! Below I'm sharing 10 free date night ideas for you to give a try for yourselves!

If you have any other free date ideas that you think should be added to this list, drop them in the comments section below! I'd love to hear what creative free dates you guys have come up with in your own relationships!!

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