3 Essentials to Pack for Winter Travel

Whether you’re traveling to family for Christmas or planning a New Year’s getaway, you’re going to want to pack lightly and efficiently to save space for gifts (coming and going) or souvenirs or let’s be honest, just to make life easy! Nothing is worse for the holidays then loosing luggage! I am a carryon traveler 99% of the time so I have learned to really be thoughtful about what I pack and why…I’m drawn towards packing things that I can restyle a number of ways on my trip and today I’m sharing my 3 essential items to pack for your winter travels!

From California to New York, these 3 pieces are some of the most versatile in my winter wardrobe and can be worn in just about any climate regardless of where you’re headed…unless you’re lucky enough to be headed to Australia or a beach vaca and in that case, can I come along?? Lol Most of us are passing over our bikinis this season for something a little warmer and these are my 3 go-to pieces!!

  1. A lightweight neutral knit sweater. I’ve had this particular sweater for 3 or 4 years now and it has not only stood the test of time but has been EVERYWHERE!! You know how they say there’s power in numbers? Well there’s warmth in layers and this style, in my opinion is the very best for layering up OR dressing for the season without overheating. Just as easily as you can get this sweater under your favorite wool coat, you can also throw it on over a lightweight cami for #sweaterweather without getting too hot or uncomfortable in a warm climate. A neutral color like this also pairs with just about everything…I’ve worn it with various styles of pants, skirts, and over leggings for a cozy casual look.

  1. Go-with everything jeans OR your “fancy jeans.” Most of us have a pair of jeans that make us feels a little more put together then the rest of our denim repertoire and those are ALWAYS the ones I suggest packing for trips, especially during the winter months. Let’s be honest, denim takes up a LOT of room in a suitcase. If you can only pack one pair, you might as well choose your most versatile pair! I love this straight leg mom jean because dressed up it gives a refined look but dressed down they look cozy and allow for movement regardless of what I plan on doing during my travels. I also personally am drawn do a darker denim or even a black or gray jean this time of year because they pair better with the traditional winter color palette but also pair back beautifully to neutrals.

  1. A classic pair of white sneakers (preferable leather). Mine are canvas but have a thick rubber sole. As a lifelong Converse wearer, I have found canvas sneakers don’t hold in heat as well as a leather shoe BUT regardless, a classic white sneaker goes with nearly everything! It’s the perfect travel shoe (check out my “untied” laces tutorial on Instagram for help with styling) in my opinion. Y’all these little white sneakers have been all over the country and to Italy and back and they are almost always one of my must pack shoes. They can be paired with jeans, slacks, skirts, dresses, you name it, making them easily the most versatile shoe in your carryon this time of year!

These three pieces are so simple and yet SO effective for achieving light and intentional packing through the winter season. Pair them all together for a cozy casual look (perfect for flights or long car rides) or wear them separately with the remainder of your travel wardrobe. Wishing you all safe travels this holiday season!!

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