In My Shopping Bag: High End Styles for Low End Prices

There's a really common misunderstanding that you have to spend a (not so small) fortune on your wardrobe to dress a certain way or to have a certain style but I am here to tell you that is SO not the case!! You guys have heard it from me a hundred times before, there are just certain things that are worth spending money on like a well made shoe or classic leather handbag but all the other stuff doesn't have to break the bank!

Tonight I'm letting you in on my secret...the way I'm constantly adding to and shaping my personal style without breaking the bank! It's really a very easy concept but one that I think is INSANELY under utilized: shopping sales. Yep that's it, insanely easy and yet when was the last time you spent the same amount of time scrolling the sale tab or sale rack in store that you spend shopping the latest and greatest?? Exactly!

I'm not going to lie to you guys, it definitely takes some time and patience and sometimes just good old fashioned luck but some of my most recent favorite finds have completed elevated my wardrobe and were all under $50! I have spent a number of hours the past week scrolling my go-to retails for great sale/inexpensive quality finds to share with you all! I've only included the things that I've already bought or put on my personal wishlist.

Something like a fun jacket or coat, like this cropped trench with the tie synched sleeve detail, is such an easy way to elevate a simple outfit underneath! I love using coats to add a little something extra to an outfit or really polish off a look! Be it to add detail, texture, or color, a top layer is such a cost effective way to restyle simple pieces or re-wear old favorites in new ways!

I've recently made a conscious effort to find alternative pant options to wear throughout these colder seasons. I think there's such power in having options and I personally get SO bored wearing jeans all winter long. I was thrilled when I found these front pleat work trousers for a steal and have already styled them so many different ways. I also added some chino pants to my wardrobe this past summer and have been loving styling them in these colder temperatures to break up my day to day style!! I love how something as simple as changing out denim for a structured pant can totally change the look and feel of an otherwise super casual outfit!

Shop these and all my other recent favorite styles (all below $50) below:

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