Liter Sale Favorites: My Latest Discovery for Healthier Hair

A lot of you have been been so kind in complimenting or commenting on my hair in my recent posts so I thought I'd share my most recent discovery for getting my hair back to healthy, shiny, and strong. I have three words for you guys: Annual. Liter. Sale. That's right! It all started with shopping the Annual Liter Sale at Beauty Brands and deciding to branch out and try to find something new and nourishing for my hair. Honestly y'all, I'm typically a girl who only goes to get my hair recolored 2-3 times a year but in trying to keep my color right before our wedding in April, I was going every 3 months and it sucked the life right out of my hair!! The sacrifices we make ladies...

Anyway, I was able to pick the brains of the staff at Beauty Brands about the current status of my hair and what I was hoping to achieve and they were all so knowledgable and honest about their products!! I picked two new shampoos to try and a new conditioner, all from different brands and all with different formulas: I chose the Joico K-Pak Color Therapy shampoo, the Biolage Advanced Keratindose shampoo, and the Redken All Soft conditioner. I've been using the Biolage shampoo and the Redken conditioner for about a month now and have noticed SUCH a difference in my locks and apparently you guys have too!! 

I have thinner hair and was looking for a formula that could help repair the damage from all the color. I was told that the Joico K-Pak is a favorite amongst Beauty Brands stylists for nourishment; it's made specifically for color treated, dry hair. A friend also pointed out to me that shampoo often leaves the hair feeling dry and brittle so I hunted for a shampoo that was meant for repair and moisture and I have been REALLY happy with the Biolage Keratindose shampoo (it's made specifically for over processed hair). When it comes to the Redken conditioner, I'd hear nothing about good things about Redken products and thought this was the perfect time to give them a try! The all soft conditioner is made to target dry/brittle hair and I have definitely noticed a difference. A few other suggestions I received from Beauty Brands staff were Brancato Cloud 9, Hemptz Triple Moisture, Wella Enrich, and Kenra Volumizing lines! If you're a bit lost like me when it comes to navigating the selection at Beauty Brands, I've linked all the suggestions I was given for you to shop now!!

Shampoos to Shop:

Conditioners to Shop:

Theres only about a week left to shop the Annual Liter Sale but I'm telling you guys, it's the perfect time to go pick up some new stuff to try! Don't be afraid to talk to the staff about your needs and what you're looking for! And at just $14.99 a liter, why not try something new for a third of the cost that you would normally pay for a liter! If you plan on shopping the sale or already have, I'd love to hear your favorite products that you stocked up on!! 

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