Firsts At Any Age

If you follow along with me on Instagram, you know that this past weekend I celebrated my 28th birthday by hosting friends at our house for a summer cookout. I put together a full spread, baked my FIRST ever three layer cake, and enjoyed the company of my husband and some great friends but in the midst of all my planning and cooking, people started messaging me asking why I was throwing myself a party. First, I have to brag on my husband who completely took over the second our guests arrived and barely let me lift a finger so that I could take it all in and just visit with our guests. Second, I want to share why I wanted to throw a party...it's pretty simple actually. I believe in celebrating life milestones!! Whether its an anniversary, a birthday, a new job, a silly holiday, you name it I think its worth celebrating. Life is short, it's full of crazy surprises- good, bad, and ugly, it challenges us daily so I really think the question is why wouldn't you celebrate another year of conquering, accomplishing, and growing!?!?

I believe that we are all like a fine wine or great cheese and only get better with age and better yet, we can experience firsts at any age. To prove it to you, I spent some time over the past couple days to bring you a list of 27 firsts I had in my twenty seventh trip around the sun! Honestly, it made me reflect over the past year and remember how much I got to do, accomplish, try, and experience...why is it that the only time we reflect is during New Years?? Food for thought BUT without further ado, here are 27 firsts from year 27! You'll notice that the list has good and not so good firsts as well as big and smalls firsts...but I can assure you each and everyone is part of a lasting memory!!

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