Bridal Shower Recap + LWD Under $100

Happy Friday Y'all! I finally found some time to sit down and recap on my amazing Bridal Shower 2 weeks ago, though you'll have to cut me some slack on the pictures...where your the guest of honor, the last thing you're thinking about is taking pictures!! One of my Maids of Honor and best friends since high school hosted and did a FABULOUS job, she's my counter part when it comes to party planning and details. The rest of the girls helped from near and far to make it such an amazing day. Unfortunately, most of my girls weren't able to attend because of travel or prior commitments so I am SO looking forward to getting everyone together for the bachelorette before the big day!! I thought it would be easiest to break down all the details into subcategories to make it a little easier to navigate!! Happy reading!


Some of you may be wondering why we chose to have the shower in California and not in Kansas where I live now. We chose to have the shower in California for a couple different reasons. 1. It's where the hostess lives and 2. It's where I was born and raised so it's where the community I grew up in is. It was such a blast getting to spend the day with a lot of the women who have all been a part of my life, big or small, and truly feeling showered in their love and generosity. Reflecting back on the day now, I had women in attendance from every stage in my life and a select few have been around since day one. What an incredible feeling it is to get a chance to bring all of those people together and get a chance to catch up with each one of them!!


Because I had to travel, I made the decision to ask primarily for gift cards in lieu of gifts and it really made getting everything home a breeze! One piece of advice I have for every current and future bride is to register through Zola!! I can't say enough about how incredible and easy the process is for registering and receiving gifts through their site and app!! Because B & I are getting ready for a move, we didn't want to be adding more belongings prior to our move and through Zola, they hold all your gifts in the queue until you're ready to have them shipped! It has been a lifesaver for us!!


I had decided early on that I wanted to make each of the wedding events a different theme so for the bridal shower we went with an afternoon tea theme. All of the decorations, foods, and sweets really brought it all to life! And what's a bridal shower without a mimosa bar!?!? A handful of the girls went above and beyond, there were homemade desserts, gorgeous floral arrangements, and my Mama saw to it that there was a macaron tree (one of my favorite treats!) and the sweetest favors made by The Haley Cakes!


One of my darling bridesmaids put together a few games for the guests to play and I thought she did such a great job encompassing y personality as well as keeping them low key and easy! The first game required guests to match the Disney song to the correct movie in the allotted time...I've always been a lover of Disney so when she realized she forgot to make an answer key I got to step in! The second game was a version of bingo in which guests had to interact and write down the name of another guest who corresponded with one of the bingo scares, for example, "this person owns a dog" and you'd ask around until you found someone who has a dog. I love how this forced everyone to interact a little bit and it was fun to watch! The last game was everyone's favorite, toilette paper bride...I somehow snuck my way into this game because I'd never gotten to play and it was SO much fun!


I actually found my bridal shower dress several months before during the ShopBop sale! (always looking for a good deal!) I loved the sweet bow tie straps and the eyelet and embroidered details of this little J.O.A number plus the tea length was perfection for an afternoon tea themed bridal shower! It was light and breezy and so perfect for the beautiful 70 degree day!! I styled it with these FAB pink bow pumps from Zara and my mom bought me the prettiest "Bride to Be" sash from Etsy! For all my fellow brides to be, I've linked 12 gorgeous LWD's under $100 below!! There's something there for every theme, dress code, and climate! I'd love to know if you pick any of them for your own bridal celebrations!!

I can't say thank you enough to everyone who came and every single woman who took time out of their busy lives to help put together such a special day for me!! I love you all so much!!

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