My Greatest Style Inspirations

It's my belief that no one is born with style. Now before you stop reading, hear me out. Like most of our favorite traits and characteristics, style is something that is shaped and formed by the influences we're exposed to in our lives. The people, places, hobbies, music, movies, literature...all the things we choose willing to love and identify with have an impact on our personal style and how it evolves over time! That's the beauty of personal style, it's different for everyone!

That in mind, I wanted to share with you guys a few of the style inspirations in my life that have helped mold my personal style over the years. Broken down into three categories, here are three of my most cherished inspirations: the icon, the kindred-spirit, and the silver screen.


Hands down, my most favorite style icon for as long as I can remember has always been Audrey Hepburn. The first time I saw her eating breakfast outside of Tiffany's, or that wonderfully slow panning shot of her at Ascot in My Fair Lady...that hat, or the frame of her standing on the corner with her poodle in hand waiting for her ride to arrive took my breathe away. Even more so are the countless coffee table books I have of her, chalk full of stunning pictures in her classically simple black chino pants, black ballet flats, simple top, and sunglasses. She to me, was the epitome of grace and effortlessly chic. Even more so, there are countless records of her character as a person. Her heart for children and animals shines through her, making her only that much more of an icon and a woman I aspire to be like in so many aspects. She famously worked with and developed close relationships with some of fashions biggest names in history. She didn't just wear the clothes, she inspired them!


That's how I explain the relationship I had and still feel I have with my Nana. As I said before, I was exposed to Audrey at an early age. My Nana was the driving force behind that wonderful exposure and I feel that my personal style has become a direct reflection of the things we loved most about all the classic movies we watched together. I grew up dreaming about Hollywood's golden age and what being in the presence of Audrey, or Judy, or Kathryn, or Marilyn, or Grace might have been like. To this day, one of my secret life wishes is to attend a real dance party such as the one we see in Meet Me in St. Louis. Nana bought me my first copy of Singing in the Rain, took me to tea rooms for afternoon tea, and she had classic sense of style but wasn't afraid to explore fun trends. I have seen some incredible pictures of her circa 1970 in an amazing long sleeve, bold printed, lace high neck maxi dress that is amazing. She loved hats (something she and I share) particularly berets and until the day she passed the woman had THE most incredible nails and hands. One of my most favorite traits of hers that I'm still trying to learn is her ability to put on her lipstick PERFECTLY without a single look in a mirror...I watched in awe every single time she did it. Because of her love for collecting silk scarves, I started accessorizing my bags and outfits years ago with some of my absolute favorites of hers just to keep her close...and low and behold, look at one of the most popular accessorizing trends currently seen all over runways and fashion magazines. Classic never goes out of style.


Writing this post made me realize that my three biggest inspirations come full circle. Nana introduced me to the classics movies I love, the movies inspired my greatest fashion fantasies and love of always being overdressed, and the movies introduced me to my biggest style icon in Audrey Hepburn. I'm not sure what I love more about the classics, the costumes or the way they time capsuled some of the most classic eras in fashion history. The timeless Bar suit as created by Christian Dior, the little black dress as introduced by Coco Chanel, the Burberry trench, and the Givenchy tea length dress just to name a few. The leading ladies and men of the golden age of cinema were truly talented, stylish, and elegant in ways that we only dream about today.

My advice to use is to be inspired daily by the things you love most. Let them shape you. Never be afraid to express yourself through your own personal style, whatever that may look like. Authenticity is the most stylish trend any of us can wear.

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