5 Things To Do Together This Fall

Happy Wednesday all!! We hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and have had a great week so far! For us here in Kansas, we have experienced quite the temperature change here in the last day or two that really makes it seem like Fall will arrive any day now. A little too soon for my taste BUT instead of being sad about summer coming to an end, we have geared up for what we are looking forward to most this fall! If you follow us on Instagram (@funnylittlefairytale) you might have seen that we went apple picking over the long weekend and it really got us thinking about all the things we are excited to do this Autumn season!

  1. Go apple picking! It’s a great was to get outside during the crisp fall months and is a perfect opportunity for some beautiful family photos (hello Christmas cards!). My family and I have gone almost every year since my freshman year in college back home in California and B and I just went this past weekend in Weston, KS at Weston Red Barn Farm and it’s fun every time. Another perk for all my fellow foodies is all the fall recipes you can make with the apples you pick! (We bought a peck for $14!!) I’ve already made an apple kuchen (per B’s request…it’s a German dessert), and have looked into a couple different apple bread and apple crumple recipes! I also LOVE warm apple cider and will definitely be making some soon! P.S. If you can’t use all your apples right away you can always slice them and freeze them!!

  2. Pick and carve pumpkins! This will be B and my first Halloween together and as silly as it sounds, I’m most excited to carve pumpkins together. We’re both competitive creatives so it should be pretty good. I also just love going to pick the perfect pumpkin at a local farm or pumpkin patch, it’s like Falls version of picking the perfect Christmas Tree

  3. Make a trip to see the Fall Foliage: For those that don’t know, there is actually a whole road trip that’s dedicated to seeing the changing colors which is when the leaves change to their beautiful Autumn colors before falling off. This phenomenon happens in many states including Maine, Vermont, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Colorado just to name a few. I’ve known people who have driven the whole thing and made stops along the way to camp or hike, and I’ve been to just one or two states to see the leaves. Regardless of how you do it, it’s worth the trip, big or small! We went as a family when I was maybe 12 and my mom kept a bunch of leaves in different shapes and sizes that she used to make her own wrapping paper (could also make a table cloth or napkins!). B and I are hoping to catch in when we travel back to Wisconsin in October!!

  4. Have a bonfire! Get some friends together, gather up some snacks and your favorite fall beverages, and sit around the fire. I don’t know about y’all but B and I LOVE the smell of a bonfire. If only they could find a way to bottle or candle the exact smell!? Any way, a bonfire is a great way to unwind and unplug and just enjoy the company of friends or family. You can always bring some card games to play or just chat over some background music and do a little star gazing before you head inside.

  5. Bundle up and get outside! I know that for many, this is a go-to summer activity BUT there’s something about getting to put on an extra layer or two and going for a hike with your loved ones. As much as this summer baby loved her heat, I also love getting to put on a cozy sweater and walk through a farmers market or find a trail somewhere. You could pack a picnic or some snacks and make a day of it or even a long weekend. Something I love about the cooler temps is that they bring people together and a little bit closer as we start to wind down for the end of the year.

We would love to hear what y'all love to do during the fall! Let us know!

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