The Importance of Enjoying Your Engagement

Hi friends and a special hello to my fellow and future brides! Today I wanted to share what I've had to learn thus far about remembering to stop, put down everything wedding related, and enjoy this season of being engaged. B and I decided on a long engagement, a little over a year in fact, and still once we had a date and venue set I felt like I had to get all my ducks in a row as soon as possible. Every free minute during my day was being spent on my phone scrolling countless vendors and inspiration pictures on pinterest. It wasn't until a night last week that B and I went to dinner that I realized how consumed I had already become. While we were waiting for our food I was yet again scrolling The Knot app looking for possible vendors and setting up meetings. B reached across the table, took my phone, and placed it face down on the table and said to me "I just want to enjoy dinner with my fiancee'." How sweet is he right!?

Yes, it's true that after you pick a date and venue you want to get your big vendors such as your photographer, videographer, and food/bar booked sooner rather than later, especially if you're NOT planning on a long engagement BUT you also have to remember to enjoy being engaged. It's a really special time for you and your fiance(e)' to dream about the big day, what you think and hope married life will be like, and how amazing it feels to have gotten to this stage in your relationship. At one point in time this was something you only talked about and it seemed so far away and now it's here and it's happening and above all else it's supposed to be exciting! (Remember how crazy happy you felt the day you got engaged!?)

As with any big event, the closer you get to the big day, the more stress and nerves are going to set in. It's only natural but after all is said and done it's that person who's currently sitting across from you on the couch or at the dinner table thats going to be next to you for the rest of your life and long after the wedding is over. Of course it's a big deal and we all want it to go off without a hitch BUT my advice to you as I attempt to navigate this journey is to not let the planning consume you.

It's okay to take a night off. It's okay to enjoy your weekend together or with friends...not every weekend has to be spent meeting with vendors. It's okay to celebrate even the little wins like finally figuring out your color scheme. It's okay to feel strongly about certain details. And it's absolutely okay to be over the moon excited but as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your dream day. Don't forget to enjoy the little moments right now, don't forget to be present in your relationship, and don't forget to enjoy being engaged!!!

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Sending a huge congratulations to all of our friends and readers who are engaged or recently married!! And kudos to all the couples who survived this wedding planning process ;)

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