Hi friends!! If you’re like us you’ve just sent out your Christmas cards or you might even be thinking about making them New Years cards but one of my favorite parts of the holidays is receiving Christmas card from friends and family. My dilemma every year however is where to put them/how to display them! Growing up at home, my mom always put all the cards in a card box and it always made me think about how no one gets to see them. On the other hand, a good friend of mines mom always decorated the archway leading into their living room with all her Christmas cards and I loved looking at all the new one every time I was at their house. With that said, I wanted to find a great way to display our cards this year and as you may have guessed it, I made my own!! I spent a couple days perusing Pinterest for display ideas until I found one I loved that I knew would be super easy to make. Below are the steps to making this beauty...hope you guys love it!!

What you’ll need:  An open 24”x30” wood frame  2’x10’ chicken wire  A staple gun  3/8” 10mm staples  Ribbon  A 12’ wreath (I used a dogwood wreath)  Mini clothespins

Start by rolling out your chicken wire and trying to roughly fit it to the back of your frame. I found my frame on Houzz for a very reasonable price and it was exactly the worn wood look I wanted.

Start stapling the chicken wire to the frame starting on one side. I was generous with my staples and made sure the seam of the chicken wire was centered. I did have to clip some off the end and wouldn’t recommend starting at the very end of the chicken wire. Clipping the ends also allowed me to fold the loose ends over to make the staples more secure.

Once you’ve stapled down the first side, begin stapling the top edge of the frame. Be sure to pull the chicken wire tight to keep the center taught. Repeat for the bottom edge.

Staple the other side edge of the frame, again ensuring that you’re pulling the chicken wire towards you to make the center taught. You’ll clip the remainder of the roll off and fold the loose ends of wire over just as before.

Next loop the ribbon through your wreath and figure out where you would like the wreath to hang in the frame. I chose to center mine and once I had the right ribbon length, I stapled the ends to the back of the frame as well.

Lastly, clip some of the mini clothespins to the open spaces of wire within the frame. You can always use a smaller size wreath if you’re wanting more space to clip Christmas cards!

I love the way this project turned out and think it’s the perfect way to display all our friends and family through the New Year!

Wishing everyone a safe holiday and a very Merry Christmas!!


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