Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves...

Hi guys! We hope everyone is having a great week and really enjoying the beginning of Spring! We are currently working on ways to make FLF better!! It occurred to me last night that we hadn't really taken the chance to introduce ourselves. We wanted to take the time to share 13 things y'all don't know about us!!

  1. L lovessssss to cook!! She is happiest in the kitchen or sharing her creations with friends and loved ones.

  2. B is quite the handy man and built some of our coolest pieces of furniture.

  3. L is a self proclaimed Disney nerd and is anxiously waiting for the chance to share one of her favorite places with B...DISNEYLAND!!!

  4. B's second language is movie quotes. His favorites include Dumb and Dumber, Tommy Boy, Nacho Libre, and The Big Labowski.

  5. L was B's Athletic Trainer GA when he played baseball in college...that's how we first met! (His opening line was a movie quote)

  6. B is REALLY good at bowling. As big fans of The Big Labowski, we usually have to have a white russian when we go...it helps makes losing a little easier.

  7. L grew up dancing. She loves any excuse to dance, even if it's just in the kitchen.

  8. B grew up playing cribbage in his family and spent many of our first date nights teaching L how to play.

  9. We have a pretty sweet youtube video that we made on one of our many road trips and yes, we're pretty proud of it! (Bonus points if you can find it!!)

  10. B's drink of choice include a Jack and Coke or a whiskey old fashion, sweet, with olives||L loves a good blended margarita or coconut rum.

  11. We both LOVE classic rock. We can often we found playing air drums or guitar in the car!

  12. Some of our favorite shows include Fixer Upper, Chopped, and Once Upon a Time.

  13. Shortly after we got together, we found out that both of our grandmothers, who we both called Nana, both loveddddd hummingbirds. Since losing both of them within the past number of years, we both grew to love hummingbirds for our Nana's. It was one of the first major "weird" similarities we found between us. God definitely had his hands in that one!!

We're hoping that this short little list gives you just the tip of the iceberg of who we are and things we like. We want to relate to you, our wonderful readers and hope that as we share more of our life together, we may also learn from you guys!!! Thanks as always for reading and we would love to hear from you!!

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