Highlights From Wisconsin

Hey guys! I wanted to share some highlights from our Wisconsin trip a few weekends ago. We drove to Wisconsin for Bs cousins wedding and tried to squeeze in a few little adventures along the way. For those who don't know or haven't figured out, Wisconsin (specifically Bs hometown) is about nine hours away from where we are in KC. We have also driven this particular drive quite a few times in the past year...wedding season anyone!? With that said we have exhausted all possible ideas to pass time on the road; you name it we've done it. The alphabet game, the license plate game, 21 questions, audiobooks, radio sing alongs, we've exhausted them all which forced us to get creative and make up our own ways to pass the time. This trip we found three ideas that really helped us and we thought that some of our readers might be in need of some new ideas too!

How we passed our time...

  1. Look for deer. Yes I know this sounds lame and simple but for all the girls out there who date outdoorsmen, you know exactly what I mean. ANY time we are in the car, B also scouts the terrain for deer and after almost 3 years together and a lot of time on the road we've started to make a competition of it. You'd be shocked at how much time flies by when you focus your attention on something else!

  2. Play a familiar movie through the car speakers. Obviously the passenger can watch it but if you pick movies you both have seen before it's almost like an audiobook for the driver...I always keep a couple of our go-to movies on my phone to pass some time on trips and B just likes listening along!

  3. Play Heads Up. Okay okay I know, probably not safe cause the driver has to look away for each card BUT #keepinitreal this was our favorite way to kill time on the drive. B and I play Heads Up all the time at home and pretty much always play the movie deck so that's what we did once we hit the highway and honestly it did wonders. I'm guilty of falling asleep after so long in the car so it kept me engaged and kept Bs mind occupied and kept us both awake and alert as we traveled. *I'm not suggesting or condoning anyone do the same* but it worked for us and it's a great option for trips with multiple passengers or kiddos! {You can download it from the app store for free}

After about 7 hours on the road we stopped in Dubuque, IA and stayed at Hotel Julien {side note, if y'all don't have the Hotel Tonight app, you need it. It's perfect for road trips!!} Also we found this awesome mural outside the next morning and decided we need to leave ourselves an extra day or two next time so we can explore Dubuque...what a cool town!!

These are just a few favorite moments and captures from our trip! The Fall foliage was stunning and I was so happy to catch all the beautiful colors while there as well as attend B's cousins wedding (the whole reason for our visit!)

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