Living Together: Faves and Not So Faves...

Thank goodness Friday is ALL. MOST. HERE!! I don't know about y'all but this week has been kickin my butt! On that note, B and I thought it would fun to share a lighthearted but real list of our NOT so favorite things about living together because let's me honest, it's not all heart eyes all the time. #truth You'll notice however that out dislikes are trivial and fall more under the category pet peeves. Writing this made me realize that we have come to accept everything about one another, even the things that we don't necessarily like. I challenge any of you comfortable enough in your relationship to do the same...challenge accepted! Each of you write your 10 least favorite and 5 favorite things about living together {or being together} and then swap lists! We honestly laughed over each others and to be honest most weren't eye openers {we believe in honesty in this house folks!}



  1. There is ALWAYS laundry. It never gets 100% done.

  2. Having to find my kitchen tools when he (kindly) puts the dishes away.

  3. Feeding a boy is a lot of work ;)

  4. Little messes pop up everywhere!

  5. Having to learn that not everything needs to be in its designated spot at all time. (My slight OCD cries over this one sometimes)

  6. He will never understand why fresh flowers and candles are ALWAYS a good idea. (boys...)

  7. Nearly daily trips to the grocery store {see #3}.

  8. Three words: Empty. Drink. Containers.

  9. When he uses the living room as his closet…no babe, the bar stools are not for you to hang todays work clothes on when you get home from work.

  10. Dishes go in the dishwasher when it’s empty…just sayin.


  1. Hair is EVERYWHERE.

  2. Two words: Chick. Flicks.

  3. Waiting an excessive amount of time for her to get ready.

  4. Not always being able to make it to the back nine.

  5. Everything having to be put away all the time…she likes things in their place.

  6. She leaves lights on in every room she goes in.

  7. Breaking out in a sweat because she is always cold so the A/C mysteriously gets turned off.

  8. Having zero closet space because of her ridiculous amount of clothes.

  9. She always asks questions or has an epiphany that she has to share right at the pinnacle part of the movie/episode/game (you get the idea).

  10. Our storage closet is 90% holiday decorations.



  1. Learning each others little habits and quirks.

  2. That first hug and kiss when you get home from work everyday.

  3. Learning new things and having new experiences because of one another.

  4. Weekends spent exploring or just hangin at home; they rejuvenate us for the upcoming week.

  5. Always having help when you need it.


  1. Exploring new things.

  2. Laughing all the time.

  3. ALWAYS having great homemade food.

  4. She scratches my back to put me to sleep.

  5. Movie nights because we share the same love of a lot of the same movies.

It's the little things...am I right!?

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