$200 Bathroom Makeover

When we bought our house three years ago, I had so many DIY projects I wanted to conquer. Fellow home owners know that as you start to tackle projects in a new home, budgets start to stretch and you have to prioritize the projects that NEED to get done versus the ones that you would like to get done. One of the projects that fell on the back burner in our home was our en suite half bathroom.

In the world of covid, all the time spent at home, I was itching to attack this half bath. I know I could improve it without spending an arm and a leg so I started brainstorming what that might look like. First I bought a mirror I loved for the vanity which honestly drove the inspiration for the space. I firmly believe in finding a piece to really ground any renovation project. I knew a few updates and some paint could go a long way in this space. The biggest pitfall in the existing bathroom to me was the lighting. Though it's a small space and has it's own window, the lighting was never good, and all my ladies out there know that lighting is important everywhere but especially in a bathroom! I immediately set my heart on wall sconces to provide more eye level light instead of lighting from above. I sketched out my (reasonable) dream vision for this space and decided that to split the updates into two phases....as some of you may know, the cost of building supplies in resent months has gone up significantly which was the biggest reason to split the updates. Phase one included the following: a half wall demo to wire for the new wall scones, painting the existing vanity, changing out the vanity mirror, and adding a curtain, new rug, and toilet paper holder and for just over $200 we got it done!

Before I share the results, I feel it important to share that my dad and my husband are both very handy and familiar with construction. I purposely timed this project for a week that my parents were coming to town so my amazing daddy could help me bring my vision to life...at this point my husband thought I was reaching too far on this project and had kindly tapped out lol. Having free labor definitely helped in keeping costs down. BUT I will also say that even just painting the vanity, and adding the accessories would have greatly improved the space. I am beyond thrilled with the space after phase one and thoroughly enjoy getting ready in the morning not that I have a space that feels like me!

Mirror // Sconces // Framed Canvas // Roman Shade // Rug // Toilet Paper Holder // Marble Tray (old, similar here)

Looking forward: in phase two I hope to add wainscoting to the bottom half of the walls, add a towel ring, change out the vanity faucet, and IF it's in budget, wall paper the top half of the wall.

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