Funny Little Fairytale is a place of inspiration, creativity, and  classic femininity.  

Since I was a girl my parents have called me their old soul child. I love old vinyl records, black and white movies, hot tea (ideally paired with a scone +homemade lemon curd), midi length hemlines, and I’ve never met a straw hat or silk scarf I didn’t like. I started my first fashion blog when I was in college and then, after taking a couple years hiatus, I started Funny Little Fairytale with a completely different concept. I’d just moved to my third state in three years and moved in with my now husband. He was the one who pushed me to jump back in and let the blog become whatever it was meant to be. When it started, Funny Little Fairytale started as a place to focus on the funny intricacies of relationships but has since evolved into a life + style sight where I can share how the things that inspire me daily inspire ALL aspects of life. 


Thank you so much for reading and following along! I’m constantly learning, growing, and few things bring me more joy than getting to connect to you, my audience. That said, don’t ever be afraid to connect with me on any of my platforms, no question is too big or small and being able to help others is one of the many things in life that bring my heart joy!