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Here’s the run down. Small town, Midwestern, Wisconsin boy meets Bay area bread, California raised city girl…we’re basically a living Journey song. Flash forward to the sweet little town of Murray, KY home of Murray State University where B transferred from Juco in KC to play baseball and where L pursued her master’s degree and assumed the role of athletic trainer to a couple teams…including baseball.


Meeting each other was one of those big, life changing, AH-HA! moments where we realized that God had, in very different ways, sidelined us both because He knew that soon enough He would bring us together. We began as so many wonderful relationships do, as friends first. Now, a couple years later we’re best friends and embarking on this CRAZY journey together, conquering the ups and downs and all the speed bumps thrown into our path as we start our life together in KC.


This blog is for anyone who can relate. Whether you’ve found your AH-HA guy or gal, or you’re getting ready to make concrete plans together for the future, or you’re (attempting) to survive a move, big or small, or you’re already living together, this one’s for you. Cheers to doing life together!!